Maxine Sperling

Artist Bio & Statement

Maxine Sperling MFA was born and raised in New York City. As an artist’s model, she made close observations of the working process of many mature New York artists.  Before moving to Philadelphia for graduate school she lived and studied with a family of Thangka painters who escaped from Tibet. Her practice of Japanese and Chinese martial arts accompanied her interest in Eastern and Western religious philosophies and meditation.
Maxine works in both representation and abstraction, primarily in oil paint, soft pastels, and other dry media. The School of the Dance of Drawing which she founded in 1992 is an important part of her life. Classes have continued remotely through email and telephone conferences. Maxine joined MCGOPA in 2020 for the pleasure of participating in an artistic and exhibiting community. She welcomes inquiries regarding classes, private lessons, sales, and commissions.

Throughout my life, I’ve developed techniques to draw and paint what I see with accuracy and graphic impact. I’ve also sometimes turned my attention away from external reality, engaging only with dynamics within an abstract image. It’s been satisfying, the freedom to attune to my interior self, and to the shape and color in the image.  Because I believe that all art is fundamentally abstract, I’m intent on melding both interests into my representational work.