Alice Dustin

Alice Dustin

Wynnewood, PA

Oil Painter

Artist Bio & Statement

I am a self-taught artist, having been drawing and painting my whole life.  I began painting seriously in oils in 1997, and showing my work in 1999.  My paintings have been shown in galleries from France to New York, Delaware to Connecticut, and New Jersey to Pennsylvania.  Currently the Devlieger Gallery in Bryn Mawr, the Carspecken-Scott Gallery in Delaware, and Hardcastle Gallery also in Delaware exhibit my work.

I am an “Alla Prima” painter, that is, I start and finish a painting in a single sitting which suits my personality and style.  Most often I start from life.  My paintings are a conversation between the subject, the paint, and my personal reactions. 

I am a mother of two, a grandmother of six.  I am also a student of many physical challenges which included judo, trapeze, and other aerials, partner acrobatics, handstands, juggling, unicycle and most recently pre-capoiera movement.