Demetra Tassiou

Acrylic Painter

Artist Bio & Statement

As an artist it’s natural for my ideas and visions to evolve and be transformed on canvas or on paper. Sometimes the process of creating can lead me to unexpected paths, and the colours I use can take on a life of their own as they interact with each other.

My paintings inspired from urban or nature landscapes. They are an expression of rivers, oceans or from insects wings , machines, turbines to the complexity of a man made construction.

I’m using layers of colours, repetition of small decorative motives  as well, to mimic the folklore art of a culture or the variety of colours and shapes that nature provides us ( Butterflies ,flowers, ocean life etc ).

One way to approach this task is to experiment with different techniques and mediums such as, watercolours ,oil paints/ pastels or even sometimes digital art tools. I’m blending the colours together to creat a sense of  depth and movement or use contrasting colours to highlight certain elements of my composition.

The key is to experiment or take a challenge and allow my vision to guide me, as I explore the nature ,or the wonder and excitement of gazing up the blue sky.