Guidelines for Associates


Annual dues – ($50.00* **) paid in January or at the time of acceptance into MCGOPA.

You must attend meetings regularly. We meet the third Thursday of each month at 10 AM.

  1. You may not miss more than 2 consecutive meetings without giving prior notice.
  2. You may not miss more than 5 meetings a year. If you miss more than 5 meetings a year you may NOT be eligible to renew with MCGOPA in the upcoming calendar year.
  3. Special circumstances for multiple missed meetings will be taken into consideration on an individual basis and discussed and voted upon at a monthly meeting for artist-eligibility to continue with MCGOPA.
  4. Artists who miss multiple meetings but contribute an on-going specific service to the group may be accommodated.

You need to take an active role in running the organization.

  1. Holding a specific job with MCGOPA
  2. Helping with receiving or picking-up artwork at exhibitions
  3. Hanging artwork
  4. Working at receptions
  5. Varied tasks involved in current endeavors to be determined

Each artist is asked to reach out on behalf of MCGOPA

  1. To inquire about opportunities to exhibit our work in art and community locations and to coordinate an opportunity on behalf of the guild.
  2. To inquirer and facilitate opportunities for MCGOPA to participate in events that keep our organization visible.
  3. From time to time you will be asked to donate a bottle or two of wine or a beverage to an event.

At MCGOPA’s December meeting, a list of our participating artists will be reviewed. Letters will be generated post-meeting. Letters will indicate eligibility to renew in the upcoming year and will state the rate for dues in the upcoming year.

MCGOPA will maintain a waiting list of interested artists who would like to jury into the group. These artists will be invited to present to MCGOPA when space permits new entry into the group.

* Dues $ subject to increases/decreases as expenses require.

** Dues may be prorated at a 50% fee for NEW artist jurying into MCGOPA after the month of June