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Joanne Barraclough

Gladwyne, PA

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Artist Bio


Bachelor of Arts: Temple University 1976

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: 1981-1985

Artists Statement

After studying multiple art methods at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and with many of the area’s artist-teachers, I decided oil painting would be my only medium. I create my oil paintings on linen using still life, landscape, and figures in a realist style. I enjoy working from life and adding elements from my imagination.

Early on I learned art making engages me in a state of flow. Time passes in a deeply satisfying way. I quickly came to love that state and have enjoyed it for the last thirty plus years. All the aspects of making my paintings are deeply satisfying: the planning stage (which includes subject matter, composition, and color), execution, lots of looking, and finishing and framing. I credit making art for a deep healing that has taken place over time and continues to provide one of the most compelling reasons for me to continue.

My paintings take a long time to complete. Thin layers of paint are applied over many days and weeks. In another era, there would be nothing unusual about this because previously artists worked slowly in oils and there were not a lot of other choices. But I enjoy the slowness of how the work unfolds. And I think the method chose me in that I worked this way from the beginning.

My paintings are sourced from a wide range of influences. Some of those would include art history, nature, symbols, metaphors, the I Ching, Asian art, my garden, reading, and ideas that emerge during my daily meditation. I like to create paintings that integrate different spaces into one space. There is often a theme that ties the different elements together leading the viewer into a comfortable contemplation of the work.