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Clara Soyoun Kim is a painter living and working in Philadelphia. For her entire life, she has had two key passions: art and nature. She majored in landscape architecture in college in Korea. However, it didn’t satisfy her expressive yearning, so she came to America to study painting in 2010. Kim earned her BFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. As a member of the Philadelphia Art Connection and MCGOPA, she has had a group show continuously. She is also a member of the Plastic Club and the Sketch Club and takes part in many shows.


For me, life is a journey, and studying at PAFA in America is part of my life journey. Painting is also a kind of journey. My own journey of painting at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts began from painting life models, continued to advanced still life, then to abstract, and in the end, to landscape painting. Since then, I have been continuously doing landscape paintings. These type of paintings are enjoyable for me because of the two different processes involved: creating them on the spot and then developing them into a bigger finished painting in the studio. I have set up my studio in my living room from where I have a good view of the environment that I encounter every day. I paint the view from my living room and have created several different pieces. They depict different perspectives based on the season, the weather, and the dominant mood. While I am painting all these pieces, the main subject is the light and color that interest me the most. I am especially drawn to the geometric shapes, patterns, and the kaleidoscope of colors displayed by the light.



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