Barbara Glickman

Barbara Glickman

Balacyndwood, PA

Oil/ Acrylic Artist

Artist Bio & Statement

My art has gotten to where it is through a strange path. After graduating from Phila. College of Art in 1963 as a Fabric Designer I did large woven wall-hangings for 30 years. It was weaving that taught me about color and how it changed by being intertwined with other colors or surrounded by different colors. It became a lifelong search for a personal palette of color. After injuring my shoulders from years of weaving I worked in paper construction which consisted of colored paper collages that I covered with designs and cut apart and wove together differently. Through this, I continued developing myself as a colorist and still hung onto my weaving. About 15 years ago I took classes at Main Line Art Center starting with colored pencils to get back to drawing while using the lines and layering of color to further my use of color. Then I took up the pastel, oil pastel and then acrylics which brought it all together, the drawing and the personal palette of color that developed from my weaving and now
continues in the paintings I am creating today. Creating art has never been as exciting as it is now and I hope it lasts a lifetime.

“In my mind, I have always lived in color and it extends to my work. When I look at something I’m going to paint, I don’t see it as it is but feel how I can transform it through color and form to be more than it is. I hope my paintings create a feeling of happiness in others as they do for me.”